King Joe (Founder):

Deadly Mix Productions was founded in the late 1990s by Joseph "King Joe" Gurganus, a young turntablist and instrumental composer, at the time, initially going by the

name "DJ Fatal"... hence the name "Deadly Mix Productions". Over the years Joe went on to become an incredible audio-engineer and producer. He mentored a young

artist in production and took him under his wing as an apprentice in Studio-B of P.A.C. Recording Studios, where Joe had worked. After his passing Nov. 15th 2005,

Tony "TiKkO" Rome (his former apprentice) vowed to carry on the name Deadly Mix Productions in King Joe's honor.


TiKkO (Head Engineer):

Former apprentice under Joe Gurganus at P.A.C. Recording Studios.

Studied Music, Recording Arts, and the physics of soundwaves at HFCC.

20yrs experience as an audio-engineer and record producer.


Cary Miller (Mastering Engineer):


Cory Jurlin (IT):


Angelo Walters (Promotions):


Chantal Forth (Book-keeping):


Briana Camp (Management):


Reign Dione Joseph & Alyssa Marie:

The little shits that get to inherit it all someday.